Alaskan Harley

Check "Riding in Alaska" off your bucket list with this opportunity of a lifetime!

Enjoy an incredible day of riding in Alaska and up into northern Canada.

Take as long or as little time you need to get the most out of your Northern Adventure.

Head up the South Klondike Highway for wilderness adventure in the Yukon Territory on a comfortable Harley! Enjoy a day of exploring on your own. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the cruise ships and take the scenic drive to the historic Dyea Flats of Alaska. Along the water’s edge of the Taiya River Valley where you will have a chance to look for seals, bald eagles, golden eagles, bears and much much more. Then begin the 3300ft climb up the world famous White pass on your way to Carcross. Better know to the locals of the area as caribou crossing. Enjoy a short walk-about the town and grab a latte at the coffee shop next door to the tourism center. When you’re ready take a short ride 1 mile further up the road and visit what is often referred to as “the worlds smallest desert”. 3 miles past the Carcross Desert you will stumble upon the stunning Caribbean blue waters of Emerald Lake which is almost impossible to pass up for photos. Our friendly staff will provide you with a map and point out some neat places to stop along the way. The best part about the full day rentals is the freedom to go where you want, explore where you want, and take all the time you need! 


  • Ability to ride 150+ miles.

  • Passport Required

  • 21 years of age or older

  • Valid motorcycle endorsement (must be present at time of rental)