We are currently renting Honda Ruckus Scooters. We chose Honda Ruckus scooters because they are rugged, durable and have great knobby tires that handle beautifully on both pavement and dirt.

“The Ruckus looks like it could survive a nuclear blast and come out swinging. But the Ruckus is about way more than just a unique look: its thrifty 49cc engine gets awesome mileage. Its Honda V-matic® automatic transmission makes for no-shifting, seamless power in and out of traffic. Its electric starter means you just turn a key, push a button, and you’re outta there. Add in Honda’s legendary reliability, and the Ruckus is not only a blast—it’s nearly unstoppable.” – Honda.com

Looking for Something Bigger?

Our Motorcycles.

Skagway Scooters is also happy to offer both KLR650 and Harley Rentals for our travellers with Motorcycle Endorsements!

Why KLR650's. 

For the better part of the last decade, the KLR™650 has sat atop the industry sales charts in the dual-sport category, and for many very good reasons. Designed to be the adventurer’s tool of choice, this rugged motorcycle delivers fuel efficiency, cargo-carrying capabilities, effective wind protection and unbelievable value, so that adventurous riders need only pick their course and hit the road, or dirt, as the case may be. - Kawasaki website

Why Harley's.

For those who ride, the Harley experience offers pleasure, enjoyment, freedom, adventure, focusing on the moment, enjoying the journey by oneself, and sharing it with others—all themes we find in existentialism.